Do you ever wonder about the role oral health plays in overall health? Recent studies are focusing on the connection between oral health and its relation to the rest of the body. The association between cardiovascular health and periodontal health is one of the connections scientists are continually exploring.

Other studies suggest certain respiratory infections could potentially be linked to your oral health as well. Your Riverside periodontist, Dr. David M. Ludwig, discusses the information contained within the recently conducted study, and how to maintain optimal periodontal health.

Study and Findings

According to a recent publication of the Journal of Periodontology, researchers suggest gum health could play a role in the health of people’s respiratory system. Respiratory infections affect a large number of patients from various age groups. Patients suffering from pneumonia, acute bronchitis, and other diseases were studied to determine the link between their periodontal health and current respiratory issues.

The study tested 200 subjects, half of which were in good health and free from respiratory problems. The other half of the test subjects were patients hospitalized with respiratory infections or diseases. Following a complete oral health examination, the study found that patients who suffered from respiratory issues typically exhibited poorer periodontal health. Although not entirely conclusive, this study provided yet another piece to the oral-systemic health puzzle.

How to Prevent Gum Disease

Do you know what it takes to prevent gum disease? Recent studies suggest that about 80% of Americans will experience gum disease at some point during their life. Prevention is anchored by a strict daily regimen of brushing, flossing, and anti-microbial mouthrinse use.

In addition, always maintain regularly scheduled six-month checkups with our dentist office to ensure problems don’t get out of hand. As proof of the oral-systemic connection continues to emerge, routine oral care could be imperative to remaining in good overall health.

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