Nothing can derail a perfect day quite like the pain caused by a toothache. No matter what causes your toothache, the affect can limit your potential to complete daily activities or even enjoy life. The dentists from Riverside Dental Group discuss the top causes of toothaches.

Toothache Causes

  • Cavities serve as one of the most common causes of toothaches for patients. Patients report that cavities caused by toothaches typically occur when the affected tooth comes into contact with foods of hot or cold temperatures. The toothache typically does not persist for long periods. In most cases, we can repair your cavity by placing a filling on the tooth. If the cavity reaches below the enamel surface of the tooth, then exposed dentin could cause an increase in sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. If a filling cannot fully repair your cavity, we can also place a dental crown.
  • Sinus infections take responsibility for numerous toothaches during the fall and winter months. When the seasons change, many people find themselves with illness or suffering from frequent allergy attacks. When the sinus cavity fill with mucus, bacteria found in the mucus can lead to an infection. Most patients report upper tooth pain when the cause links back to a sinus infection. The upper teeth experience the pain due to the swollen sinus cavity caused by infection. If you recently suffered from a cold, the flu, or find yourself battling allergies this time of year, your toothache could result from sinusitis. In most cases, the tooth pain should subside within a couple of days.
  • Tooth fractures also occur with increased frequency this time of year. Many youth sports season overlap during the fall months. Some players find themselves playing sports which do not mandate youths to wear mouthguards. The basketball court presents a myriad of opportunities for tooth fractures to occur. Players often swing elbows or throw hard chest passes which can come into contact with teeth and cause a fracture. When a tooth fractures, we can usually repair the tooth with a dental crown in our Southern California dental offices. Another leading cause of tooth fractures involves people chewing on ice or other hard substances. Don’t allow an ice chewing habit to ruin your holiday season.
  • The oft overlooked cause of toothaches falls to gum disease. Most people don’t consider that gum disease can impact tooth health and overall health in such a significant way. Persistent halitosis, bleeding gums, and repeated mouth infections could indicate that your toothache results from gum disease. Gum disease acts as the leading cause of tooth loss in America. If your gums feel tender and appear loose, we recommend that you visit our office as soon as possible.
  • Abscessed teeth can occur from gum disease or extensive tooth decay. When bacteria known as Streptococcus mutans feed off sugars and carbohydrates, the bacteria releases acids which attacks unsuspecting tooth enamel. When bacteria proliferate, tooth decay and occur and allow a tooth to suffer from an infection. When a tooth abscesses, patients typically report that the tooth exhibits sharp pain when touched. Additionally, tooth pain can occur throughout the mouth due to abscessed teeth. The bacteria infecting the tooth cause swelling, and pus pockets around the gum line. In many cases, abscessed teeth require extraction and we usually prescribe antibiotics to help fight the infection.

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