As the year starts winding down and the holiday approach, an influx of stress can hit people. Many people simply accept that the holidays represent a time of year filled with stress. Patients need to actively focus on limiting their stress because the signs of anxiety could become present in the mouth of patients. The dentists from Dental Associates of Corona discuss how stress appears in the mouth.

Stressful Thinking

Exercise remains one of the best ways to relieve stress and promote better overall health. Exercise can benefit oral health as well. Studies show that people with higher stress levels typically possess diminished capabilities to fight disease and infections. Unfortunately, stress can also lead to gum disease. All of these symptoms and issues connect. Instead of succumbing to holiday stress this season, make an active attempt to go to the gym or exercise around your house. Twenty minutes of daily exercise can dramatically diminish stress.

Gum Disease

The dangers associated with gum disease can overwhelm some patients. Recent studies show a connection between gum disease and breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, endocarditis, diabetes, and hip replacement issues. Additionally, gum disease leads to pack in terms of causing adult tooth loss in America. Preventing gum disease should remain important to everyone, regardless of their stress levels. One of the best ways to actively work towards gum disease prevention involves a commitment to your dental hygiene.

Start by ensuring that your brush your teeth for two minutes at a time. Always brush your teeth twice per day (morning and evening). The American Dental Association also recommends that you rinse your mouth with an antimicrobial mouthrinse. Studies show that you can reduce your risk for gum disease by 60% using mouthrinse twice per day. Don’t forget to floss at least once each day to aid in removing food particles.

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