at Oasis Family Dental challenge you to a quiz on soda and your teeth.


Q1. True of false – Approximately 48% of Americans drink soda every single day.

Q2. True or false – Sugar-free soda is just as bad as regular soda.

Q3. True or false – In the 1950s, soda cans were the same size as they are today.


A1. TRUE – According to a Gallup poll from July, nearly half of the people in the US have a daily soda drinking habit, and for many, it’s far more than just one can a day.

A2. TRUE – Depending on what your priorities are, sugar-free soda and regular soda are virtually the same. If weight control is your goal, research shows that diet sodas might actually be worse for reducing your waistline. The artificial sweeteners in soda seem to trigger cravings for food with a higher fat content, also known as junk food. From a pure dental health perspective, diet sodas have only a slight edge. Both beverages expose your teeth to acid which erodes tooth enamel.

A3. FALSE – In the 1950s soda cans averaged a tiny 6.5 ounces per serving.  These days, fountain drinks at fast food restaurants, mini-marts, and movie theatres sometimes have as much liquid in them that you would need ten or more cans from the 50’s to fill the cup. This disproportionate sizing that we’re used to has contributed to the damage that soda can to our dental health.

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