at Riverside Dental Group challenge you to a quiz on the powers of vitamin D when it comes to your dental health.


Q1. True or false – Children in a recently published study were found to have a 50 percent lower rate of cavities when they had sufficient vitamin D levels.

Q2. True or false – One of the highest concentrations of vitamin D available through food is found in fish oil.

Q3. True or false – In the 1950s, the American Dental Association (ADA) refuted evidence that vitamin D had any bearing on tooth decay.


A1. TRUE – The details of this study were published in the December issue of Nutrition Reviews. Dr. Phillipe Hujoel, professor at the University of Washington, compiled a team of researchers and 60 years worth of clinical trials that focused on the dental health and nutrition of 3,000 children from different cultures.

A2. TRUE – General fish and cod liver oil have extremely high vitamin D content. Other seafood items also have plenty of vitamin D, including herring, catfish, oysters, mollusk, salmon, and trout. A good non-animal source of vitamin D is tofu.

A3. TRUE – While vitamin D has long been known for contributing to strong bones, organizations such as the ADA have denied, in the past, that irrefutable evidence existed that vitamin D could help fight cavities. Backing up Dr. Hujoel recently, however, is Dr. Michael Hollick, professor of medicine at the Boston University Medical Center. He firmly believes that vitamin D plays a role in dental health, stating that, “children who are vitamin D deficient have poor and delayed teeth eruption and are prone to dental caries.”

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