from Riverside Dental Group will discuss some common toothache scenarios.

Scenario #1: Tooth Decay

Cavities that are detected early usually have few or no symptoms. Patients that do have pain as a result of cavities most often describe their discomfort resulting from contact with extreme hot or cold temperatures. However, if your tooth decay spreads down below the enamel of teeth and into and through the root canals, an actual toothache can occur (and potentially, an abscess). The fix? If a filling cannot fully repair your cavity, we may need root canal therapy and/or a dental crown.

Scenario #2: Sinus Infection

This time of year can be awful for allergies. If you live in an area with high pollen counts or aggressive flora and fauna that seem to know just how to make you sneeze all day, you may be at a higher risk for sinus irritation and infection. If bacteria-laden mucus is in constant contact with your sinuses, this can lead to an inflammation and infection. Most patients report pain in the upper molars when this is the issue. The sinuses are right next to that area, so your sinusitis may just be confusing you. This particular toothache may have nothing to do with your teeth at all.

Scenario #3

If you sustain a traumatic dental injury that you don’t realize has caused any damage, but you wake up in the middle of the night within the next several days with searing tooth pain, it is possible that you have fractured your tooth. If you are active in a contact sport, consider wearing an athletic mouthguard to protect your precious teeth. Once fractured, your teeth will not grow back together, so you may require dental bonding or a crown. If you have an ice chewing habit, or tend to chew on non-food items (pencils, pens, toothpicks) try to avoid these things, as they can cause unwanted tooth fractures as well.

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