If you like to cook, you may view herbs and spices as nothing more than ways to enhance the flavors of foods. With talk shows dedicated to topics of health, you may start hearing now and again that cinnamon could be good for suppressing appetite or bettering joint health, for example. Various herbs, spices, and flavorful roots contain antioxidants and other super powers for optimal health. There are even ways that spicing up your life can also balance out your dental health. Your Moreno Valley dentists at Dental Associates of Moreno Valley, will give you more information in the form of a fun true or false quiz.


Q1. True or false – Cinnamon can help prevent diabetes and gum disease, which are often linked as symbiotic oral-systemic conditions.

Q2. True or false – Cloves cannot help your dental health in any way.

Q3. True or false – Clove oil can help quell the pain from a toothache.

Q4. True or false – Ginger root has the same antioxidant content as a cup of spinach.


A1. TRUE – Cinnamon is packed with antioxidants which can help regulate your blood sugar levels. This can help avoid diabetes, control it better, and also halt gum disease from progressing. High blood sugar makes it easier for oral bacteria to thrive and spread. So sprinkle cinnamon on your coffee or toast and perhaps you’ll be in better dental shape than before.

A2. FALSE – Fragrant cloves contain something called eugenol. This is an antiseptic and antibacterial compound that can actually inhibit the production of plaque in your mouth. Dental plaque can collect at your gumline and cause inflammation and periodontal disease.

A3. TRUE – Gently rubbing clove oil on a tooth that is in pain may give you some relief.

A4. TRUE – Ginger is full of potassium and antioxidants. If you have gotten into the juicing trend, you can throw both through the juicer along with any combination of organic fruits, veggies, and roots for an infusion of healthy elements that are sure to balance your pH and leave your mouth healthy and happy.

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