When you are a new parent starting to take your child to various medical appointments for the first time, it can be overwhelming. A vaccination might be recommended by your doctor, and you’re urged to give a “yes” or “no” without much opportunity to research the matter, for example. If you already feel nervous about the whole scenario of putting your child through potentially frightening appointments, then you want to be able to just trust the doctor or dentist that is giving them care. But what if you’re wrong? The best idea is to arm yourself with knowledge before you go in for an appointment. So, if your Moreno Valley, CA dentists at Dental Associates of Moreno Valley recommend dental sealants for your child, you’ll know what to say.

FAQs on Dental Sealants

Q1. What are dental sealants?

A1. A dental sealant is a thin plastic barrier that is painted on to the crowns of molars as a preventive measure. The chewing surfaces of these back teeth have deep grooves and crevices that can be an unfortunate breeding ground for bacteria to hide out. This makes them more likely to get cavities. Sealants will block those teeth off from acid, food debris, and bacteria, making it much less likely that tooth decay will set in.

Q2. Won’t brushing my child’s teeth twice-a-day be sufficient?

A2. While it’s certainly important that you instill good oral hygiene practices in your child, the reality is that schedules can get busy, kids (or parents) can fall asleep earlier than expected, or strong-willed children can make it difficult to follow through with a full two minutes of brushing each time. Not that we are condoning making a regular habit of skipping brushing your child’s teeth, but if it is to happen, dental sealants can provide back-up.

Q3. Are dental sealants and fluoride related?

A3. Only in that they are both recommended as a part of a child’s dental care. Fluoride treatments, infusion of fluoride into tap water supplies, and fluoride in oral hygiene products are all ways to fight against decay. Sealants provide a barrier, whereas fluoride creates strength of tooth enamel and a sort of non-stick atmosphere that makes it hard for bacteria to cling on teeth. These two elements, along with six month cleanings and twice-a-day brushing are a recipe for healthy teeth in children.

Moreno Valley, CA Dentists Offer Dental Sealants

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