at Riverside Dental Group are one such practice. Patients who are uncomfortable with misalignment, malocclusion, overlapping, gaps, or otherwise crooked imperfections in their smile can stand to gain the smile of their dreams with undergoing orthodontic procedures. Try your hand at this true-or-false quiz on orthodontics.

Orthodontic FAQs

Q1. Do you offer clear braces?

A1. Traditional metal braces are a cost-effective option, but there are many people that prefer more incognito treatments. Clear ceramic braces follow the same principles of traditional metal braces without the beacon of flashing metal. Clear and tooth-colored brackets and wires blend into the teeth. Your braces won’t be completely invisible, but certainly appear much less obvious.

Q2. What about braces on the inside of teeth?

A2. Another option for people trying to keep their braces on the down-low, lingual braces consist of brackets and wires that are cemented to the inside of teeth for much less visibility.

Q3. Is the only purpose of braces the cosmetic advantage of having straight teeth?

A3. Appearance improvements are definitely on the forefront of most people’s minds when they get braces. However, dental health issues are also a catalyst for orthodontic treatments. Crooked or over-crowded teeth are much harder to keep properly clean. Overlapping or no space between teeth makes the possibility of reaching the in between areas with dental floss pretty much impossible. This provides a breeding ground for plaque and tartar buildup, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Q4. Is it true that braces can help people with TMJ problems?

A4. Yes. Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is a condition that can manifest as chronic discomfort and pain in your TMJs (jaw joints). Many people are good candidates for alleviating TMD with braces.

Orthodontics from your Riverside Dentists

If you are an existing or new patient interested in orthodontic treatment, you can contact your Riverside dentists for a consultation. We would be happy to offer a solution that will work for you, no matter what age you are. We are happy to offer comprehensive dentistry for the whole family. Contact our 92506 dentist office at (951) 369-1001. We serve patients throughout Riverside County.