How’s your history knowledge? If you look around you, all of the items throughout your house, the car you drive, the materials that build your home, your clothing…there’s so much to our lives and each thing has a story. Dentistry has a rich and fascinating history, just like many other things. Your Woodcrest dentists from The Oasis Family Dental Group would like to test your knowledge on the history of dental sedation.


Q1. True or false – Approximately ¾ of the American population has some level of dental fear.

Q2. True or false – Nitrous oxide in dentistry has been used for the last 50 years.

Q3. True or false – Abraham Lincoln was extremely anxious about going to the dentist.


A1. TRUE – Close to 75% of adults in America have some level of dental fear. A smaller percentage has full blown dental phobia. For a phobic person, their anxiety is so severe that they are likely to avoid going to the dentist at all costs.

A2. FALSE – Nitrous oxide has actually been around since the 1840s. Discovered by Dr. William Morton, a dentist in Massachusetts, this form of light dental sedation has been a terrific innovation to allow people a relaxed dental experience without having to deal with any major sedation. Nitrous oxide is breathed in through a mask and provides a fast feeling of major relaxation. Fortunately, it wears off about as quickly as it starts, allowing for no side effects and the opportunity to get on with your day without any down time.

A3. TRUE – President Abraham Lincoln had some dental misfortune when he went through a tooth extraction without any anesthetic. The dentist performing the procedure accidentally broke President Lincolns jaw bone. This was so unpleasant that dental visits were avoided by “Honest Abe” from there on out. When he required another extraction years down the road, he avoided treatment because of his past trauma. Ether was the compound utilized at that time that allowed him to undergo getting his tooth pulled in a calm and pleasant way.

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