from Riverside Dental Group will explain why sinusitis can cause a toothache even when there’s nothing wrong with your teeth.

Sinuses and Molars: Next Door Neighbors

When you have a toothache, your first instinct might be to call your dentist for an emergency appointment. If the pain hits at off hours, perhaps you can turn to home remedies such as cold and hot compresses, rest, and over-the-counter pain medication. If you find yourself in this situation and waiting for the dental office to open, consider some sinus medication (provided you have no allergies or potential drug interactions). While this may not sound like the obvious solution, you could very well find that your “tooth” pain gets a lot better as your sinuses drain. That’s because upper molars and sinus cavities share very close real estate.

Sinusitis or Tooth Pulp Infection

Have you ever wondered what your sinuses look like? They are similar to the inside of your mouth, covered by a pink, moist membrane. Sinuses are located inside your jawbone. As you breathe through your nose your sinuses provide a path to your lungs. When these membranes become infected, the clinical term is sinusitis, but you may know it better as a sinus infection. People with frequent allergies unfortunately tend to have more frequent bouts with sinusitis. Inflammation in the pulp of your teeth caused by tooth decay or other dental issues can certainly cause tooth pain. However, if your teeth and roots appear healthy, your sinuses could very well be the cause of your discomfort.

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