at Riverside Dental Group will tell you more about dental fractures.

Don’t Crack your Teeth Up

Cracked tooth syndrome is most treatable when identified early. If a fracture is serious and not tended to, you could end up with severe decay and potentially irreparable tooth damage leading to the need for extraction and replacement. When oral bacteria have the opportunity to sneak through the cracks, the germs will infiltrate your dental pulp. This means cavities, gum disease, gum recession, root canal treatments, and/or the aforementioned extraction. Once bacteria reaches the pulp chamber and attacks the roots of your teeth, you are likely to have inflammation and infection. When nerves in your tooth die, this is clinically referred to as pulpal necrosis. You are also at risk for a tooth abscess if you let a bad fracture go unattended.

Jawbone Fractures

Dental fractures aren’t simply defined as cracks in your teeth. Jawbone fractures are also one of the more common dental injuries we see in our office.  There are numerous ways that your jaw can end up becoming fractured. High impact sports, car accidents, running into an immovable object, or getting punched (accidentally or otherwise) are all examples of ways to end up with a jawbone fracture. If your jaw is injured in a way which gives you intense pain, swelling, bruising, or numbness, seek immediate dental attention.

Visit your Riverside Dentists

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