When your children are first learning new tasks, you set up precautions to help them learn in the safest way. Take learning to ride a bike as an example. When starting this endeavor, you instruct your child to wear protective gear. Consider dental sealants commensurate with knee pads. This preventive dentistry measure protects your child’s oral health while they are in the very important early developmental stages.

Sealants to Protect Little Teeth

Dental sealants are essentially thin layers of plastic which cover the entire exposed chewing surfaces of your child’s back teeth. Most commonly, dental sealants are placed over the anterior molars. These are the teeth where food particles most often burrow into the grooves and crevices. Since molars are harder to reach and used so much for eating, they are most likely to develop tooth decay from poor oral hygiene. Dental sealants provide a barrier over the crevices of molars, protecting against cavities.

Easy to Apply

Your dentist can apply sealants in a matter of minutes. The process simply requires drying the tooth of saliva for optimal adhesion. Dental sealants are easily painted on. Although the dental sealant procedure is short, the protection will last for years to come. However, candidates for dental sealants cannot have any present tooth decay. This is why sealants are often implemented immediately after a checkup including dental X-rays.

Preventing Cavities

Preventing tooth decay is one of the most important measures you can take for your child’s dental health. Dental sealants help you as a parent to have peace of mind about your child’s oral hygiene while he or she is learning to brush. While you should encourage them to do a great job with their dental self-care, these protective barriers will offer a leg up against potential cavities in the hardest to reach places of your child’s mouth.

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