at Riverside Dental Group would like to explain why you should stick to soft food items meant to nourish your body when you chew.

Ice May Not Be Nice

Imagine all of the possible ways you come in contact with frozen water throughout your day. Ice water at home, a cold soda from the gas station, or  an iced tea from the drive through for an afternoon thirst quencher – all of these beverages are cooled with ice cubes. Ice is formed into hard large cubes, crushed, or chipped for our drinking pleasure. If you want to enjoy the coolness of ice in your mouth, try sucking on a cube, but resist the urge to bite down. Either way, if you have metal fillings in your mouth, extreme temperature exposure can make them contract and expand, leading to cracks as well. Try to find a happy medium when enjoying cold beverages so that your teeth can remain healthy and intact.

Fixing Cracked Teeth

If you should crack a tooth as a result of an ice chewing habit, visit your dentist right away. You may need to undergo a restoration procedure such as a filling or crown. If the crack goes all the way into the roots, you may even need a root canal procedure to repair the dental issue. If you crack a front tooth which is more visible, you may want to consider a cosmetic procedure such as dental bonding, or a porcelain veneer. Even subtle fractures in the surface of a tooth can cause cosmetic issues

Visit your Riverside Dentists

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