Do you make a habit of brushing your teeth twice a day? Many people maintain consistent brushing habits, but might need to shoot for an extra mile or two to reach impeccable oral health. Besides brushing,what else contributes positively or negatively to your health? The Corona dentists, at Dental Associates of Corona will share a few ways you can enhance your routine, and improve oral health so that your next checkup is a snap.


Flossing is particularly helpful in the removal of excess food debris which feeds germs. Oral bacteria inhabit your mouth constantly, but removing harmful bacteria found in plaque, prevent excessive bacterial accumulation which means less acid and less plaque. By reaching between teeth, floss removes leftover particles of food which are simply unreachable during routine brushing sessions for the average person.


To help keep teeth strong against bacterial ramifications (i.e. gum disease and cavities) use fluoridated toothpaste. Fluoride is an effective agent in preventing tooth decay. Many mouthwashes also include fluoride and should be used following every brushing session.

Say Cheese

The term “acid attack” is used a great deal to describe the process taking place in a patient’s mouth following consumption of sugar-rich foods. Several foods and beverages are known to have abnormally high acid levels. The acid contained in sour candy begins attacking teeth with greater force than foods with moderate acid levels, such as cheese. In fact, cheese actually protects teeth for a period of time by coating them with calcium.

Replace Sugar

Limiting your intake of sugar-rich foods is always recommended, but if you must indulge, quicker is better. Devouring candy at a fast pace may seem counter-intuitive, but will present less risk to teeth simply because of the amount of time your teeth are exposed. Instead of snacking all day on sour gummies, try cheese squares or unsweetened yogurt. According to the International Dairy Federation, there are at least 500 varieties of cheeses from which to choose.

Schedule Your Visit

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