Have you lost one or more teeth? can seriously hurt the health and beauty of your smile. Without them, simple functions, such as eating and speaking, can become difficult. To help return smile sot full function and health, your Riverside dentists offer a number of quality replacement options.

Missing Teeth Quiz

1. True or False: A dental bridge is a common prosthesis.

2. True or False: Partial dentures can help restore smiles.

3. True or False: Full dentures aid patients who have lost all of their teeth.

4. True or False: Dental implants are an advanced and long lasting option.

Answer Key

1. True. A dental bridge consists of a replacement tooth with crowns attached to each end. We then prepare the teeth on either side of the gap to receive these crowns. Once in place, a bridge provides a lifelike method of replacing one or more missing teeth in a row.

2. True. Partial dentures are great for patients with multiple missing teeth spread across an arch, but who don’t yet need full dentures. We design replacement teeth with metal clasps on each end. The clasps attach to the natural teeth in your smile, securing this removable prosthetic.

3. True. If you are missing all of your teeth on one or both arches, we can place full dentures. Custom-designed based on impressions take of your smile, dentures consist of replacement teeth and natural looking acrylic gum.

4. True. Unlike our other prostheses, which only replace the visible portion of the tooth, implants replace both the root and crown. This prosthetic is inserted directly into the jaw, where it bonds with jawbone tissue like a natural tooth. Crowns can provide a lifetime of restoration, offering a whole and healthy smile again. If you have any question about implants or any of our other options for replacing missing teeth, contact our office today.

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