We can damage our teeth in a variety of different ways. Sports injuries, biting down on hard foods, or other accidents can often lead to chipped teeth. To repair and restore damaged teeth, you may need cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Your Riverside dentists can help you enjoy a whole and beautiful smile again.

Frequently Asked Questions About Restoring Chipped Teeth

Question: What do I do when I chip a tooth?

Answer: First, don’t panic! Next, collect any pieces of your tooth you can find. Bring them with you to see your Riverside dentists. If you can’t find any pieces, that’s okay, we can still repair your tooth. Remember, a chipped tooth can expose sensitive tissue to bacteria, increasing the risk of cavities and infection. Treating a chipped tooth is vital to ensuring the health and stability of your smile.

Question: What is dental bonding?

Answer: Bonding involves applying several thin layers of composite material to the tooth. Composite is metal-free and also used to repair cavities. This procedure allows the dentist to reshape and sculpt your tooth, addressing chips and fractures. The entire procedure can be done in one sitting for a cost-effective treatment option.

Question: Will porcelain veneers repair my broken tooth?

Answer: Yes. Veneers are thin shells of porcelain placed over the front of the tooth. Made from lifelike and stain-resistant porcelain, veneers look completely natural. Veneers can repair broken, cracked, worn down, or misshapen teeth. We can examine your teeth and decide whether you would benefit from this innovative cosmetic treatment option.

Question: Do I need a dental crown if I break a tooth?

Answer: You may need a crown is the damage is severe. A crown fits over the visible portion of your tooth, safeguarding the remaining structure against further decay or infection. If you require a crown, we can design and fabricate a restoration that protects your smile and blends seamlessly with surrounding teeth.

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