Do your gums feel a little inflamed when you touch them with your tongue? Do they look swollen when you glance in the mirror? Paying attention to gum swelling is an essential aspect of maintaining your oral health. Because swollen gums are often a sign of an underlying dental issue, we encourage you to visit us right away when you notice this change.

Yes, Schedule A Visit

You may be wondering whether swollen gums require a dental visit. Keep in mind that the best way to avoid oral disease and long-term damage is early detection. The sooner we catch a problem, the earlier we may offer appropriate treatment, while enjoying a greater success rate. Whether your gums indicate disease or some other type of trauma, chances are, you will need professional assistance to restore your health and comfort.

Don’t Try To Fix The Problem Yourself

Did you accidentally cut your gum tissue and have been trying to self-treat the wound? Have you bitten down on something and gotten a piece of food lodged between your teeth? Messing with your delicate gum tissue may end up making the problem worse, rather than better. Particularly in the case of lodged food, we encourage you to come in to see us, so we can carefully improve your circumstances without causing additional damage.

It May Be Gum Disease

When plaque migrates beneath your gumline and is not completely removed, you may end up with gum disease. In its earliest stages, this may include bleeding and inflammation, and your gums may appear red rather than pink. By treating the swelling and underlying problem with a deep cleaning right away, we can often reverse the disease. This prevents the formation of serious gum disease – or periodontal disease – which requires advanced treatment. Again, the best way to stop the progression of this gum swelling? Schedule a dental visit.


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