. By learning about the diverse list of benefits, you may find yourself a bit more eager and confident about doing away with your tooth decay.

Fillings May Save You Time, Effort, and Money

Your cavity is a hole that occurred as a result of plaque. This sticky substance adheres to your teeth every day, where its bacteria release acids. The acids soften your enamel, or the outermost layer of your tooth, which eventually causes your cavity. When you visit us for a dental filling, we remove the decayed tissue and fill the hole, restoring the structure and health of your tooth. However, by neglecting the cavity, you may end up with a large cavity, which can lead to infection or tooth breakage. The results? You will require more complex, costly, and lengthier restorative treatment, like root canal therapy or a dental crown. Say yes to a filling to stop tooth decay in its tracks.

You Might Even Call Them “Cosmetic”

We offer tooth-colored fillings, also called white fillings or composite fillings, at our practice. Unlike metal fillings, which may darken your tooth, white fillings are nearly undetectable to anyone but a dental professional. We use a synthetic resin material called composite, which we will color-match to your surrounding tooth. This means your tooth will look as good as new once the filling is complete.

Our Composite Fillings Are Safe for Nearly Everyone

Amalgam fillings pose a potential threat to a variety of people, including individuals allergic to metal, and pregnant women. Because we use composite, rather than metal, our dental fillings are typically a wonderful fit for any patient suffering from a cavity, expectant mothers and metal allergy sufferers alike. However, remember to always keep us aware of your health status and any concerns, so we can provide you with the treatment best suited to your needs.


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