Take a look at your smile in the mirror and ask yourself what has been bothering you about its appearance. If your main concern includes areas that seem like they require additional tooth tissue – such as a tooth with a minor chip – we may suggest dental bonding to shape and camouflage your esthetic concerns. Not sure what to expect from dental bonding or if it’s the right cosmetic treatment for you? Learn more with the following information and schedule an appointment if you think it may help you achieve your smile goals:

Why You May Need Bonding

Dental bonding builds up areas where the addition of tooth tissue may improve the appearance of your tooth and smile. For instance, if you have a chipped tooth, repairing that chip with additional tissue will make your tooth look whole and beautifully shaped again. By applying a material to cover problems or to create the illusion of improved or added structure, you may accomplish the following:

  • A camouflaged crack or improved chip
  • Filled spaces between teeth, so neighboring teeth look like they touch one another without the use of orthodontics
  • The appearance of a longer tooth or teeth if one or several of your teeth appear shorter than the rest – this improves the symmetrical value of your smile
  • Coverage of severe stains

How Dental Bonding Works

We begin by speaking with you about your concerns with your smile. We will then target the esthetically damaged areas by applying composite – a synthetic acrylic-resin material. Rest assured, we will color-match the resin to your surrounding tooth for a seamless, beautiful finish. After applying layers of resin, we will either camouflage the targeted area or mold the material into the desired shaped. With the use of a special curing light, we will dry and harden the material. After a tooth polishing to create final adjustments and a beautiful luster, the bonding will be complete.


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