Choosing dental prosthetics for tooth loss can cause patients to feel overwhelmed. We offer a variety of prosthetics, each with a different set of benefits. Beyond that, only certain teeth replacement solutions work for certain patterns of tooth loss. Rather than attempting to wade through the details, while connecting the dots all on your own, we have organized prosthetics according to particular tooth loss configurations. By identifying the pattern that matches your smile, you can quickly consider your options, which will guide you toward achieving the complete smile you desire. Learn more:

If You Are Missing…

One Tooth Or Multiple Teeth Side-By-Side

Missing one tooth? Missing two or three teeth in a row? If so, you may wish to consider a dental bridge. This prosthetic is composed of a series of lifelike artificial teeth. A dental crown on either end will rest permanently over the anchor teeth sitting on either side of your smile opening. Replacing your missing teeth are pontics attached between the crowns to “bridge the gap” in your smile.

One Tooth or Several Teeth, Not Necessarily Side-By-Side

If your tooth loss pattern includes one or multiple teeth in nearly any pattern (neighboring or spread apart), partial dentures offer a versatile solution. They include a minimal amount of high-grade pink acrylic to represent palate and gum tissue, metal clasps that fit over your teeth for stability, and beautiful white replacement teeth. The partial is removable and includes openings for your natural teeth, resulting in a complete smile.

All Of Your Teeth

Patients suffering from complete tooth loss will find a wonderful solution with complete dentures. A denture is a removable, single device composed of pink “gums” and white replacement teeth. They are lightweight and attractive, worn over your top or bottom dental ridge. Dentures rely on the natural suction of your gums and achieve additional support with adhesives. You can quickly restore a full arch of teeth with a denture.

Any Configuration Of Missing Teeth

You may replace one tooth, teeth side by side, teeth scattered across an arch, or all of your teeth with dental implants. They replace your roots and are topped with a dental crown. They may also support partial or complete dentures, offering additional support.


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