Finding out that you need restorative dentistry to improve your smile can result in a mixed bag of emotions. First, you are likely over-the-moon with joy at the fact that your current oral health problem, be it a broken tooth, cavity, or other concern, is easily fixed with treatment. However, if you’ve spent time looking at other individual’s smiles, you may worry that your mouth will end up full of unsightly restorations, such as metal crowns and fillings. The good news? We offer white restorations so your smile looks good as new.

What’s So Great About White Restorations?

White restorations bring with them a long list of benefits. First, we rely on lifelike materials, which will allow your tooth to look natural and as though it never suffered from disease or damage. The result? A beautiful, healthy-looking smile that nobody can detect once received restorative care. In addition, our restorations are free of metal and mercury, which makes them safe for nearly every patient. Even pregnant women and patients who are allergic to metal can receive restorative care without concern.

White Restoration Options

For the most part, you will visit us for restorative treatment if you need to repair a tooth suffering from tooth decay, physical breakage, or for an infection. All of these concerns will typically require a filling or a crown. Learn more about your options:

  • Tooth-Colored Fillings: These white restorations are composed of composite, a synthetic acrylic-resin material that we will color-customize to match the shade of your tooth, rather than relying on a universal shade of white.
  • All-Ceramic Crowns: We offer patients crowns crafted out of porcelain, which is a substance that looks a lot like natural tooth tissue and reflects light in a similar manner. We will color-match your custom-crafted crown, so your smile looks gorgeous, while your tooth receives sufficient coverage and support.


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