Beginning your journey into the world of dental prosthetics can feel like taking a single step into some seriously murky waters. The information is all there but wading through the details can cause you to feel overwhelmed. The good news is that when you narrow down your search and focus on a single tooth replacement solution, it becomes much easier to decide whether the treatment is right for you – or not quite right. For instance, if you are thinking about replacing teeth with a dental bridge, you can quickly learn about candidacy, so you can say, “yes!” and move forward with treatment … or simply move onto a solution better suited to your needs.

About Your Tooth Loss Pattern

You will qualify for a dental bridge only if you are missing the correct number of missing teeth – and missing teeth in the correct tooth loss pattern. This is simple – rest assured, if you do not qualify, we offer alternative solutions like partial dentures. Requirements include the following:

  • You are missing one tooth or up to three teeth
  • If missing multiple teeth, you may only choose a bridge if those teeth rest side-by-side

About Your Remaining Natural Teeth

A dental bridge relies on healthy remaining teeth for placement. One tooth called an anchor tooth rests on either side of your open space. This pair of teeth will be used to support the bridge – we will cement the end crowns of the bridge over them. If these teeth are not healthy or strong enough, you may not qualify.

About Your Other Options

If you find that a bridge is not right for your needs, we will fully examine your smile to offer you teeth replacement solutions that are suited to your smile. In addition to dental bridges and partials, we also offer full dentures and dental implants.


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