Do you tend to clam up when you discover you need a dental filling to restore your oral health? Are you listening to us suggest that you schedule a visit as soon as possible, while you’re thinking to yourself that there is no way you will be returning soon for a filling? If so, we understand that restorations can sometimes cause patients to run in the opposite direction but only as a result of being uninformed. We encourage you to consider the advantages of fillings, so you feel comfortable and confident scheduling your visit and allowing us to repair your tooth.

Fillings Lead To Comfort

If tooth decay has not yet caused your tooth to feel uncomfortable, discomfort will eventually appear. This is because the deeper tissues of your teeth will become exposed since tooth decay is progressive. Your nerves will become exposed, as well, leaving your tooth vulnerable to heightened sensitivity. A dental filling is comfortable and leads to long-term comfort, making it completely worthwhile.

A Filling Prevents Severe Problems

As you know, a cavity is something we can easily address with a dental filling, so you can return to your usual quality of life in which chewing and speaking are comfortable. If you wait, however, the cavity will grow, deepen, may result in a shattered tooth (which may require a crown or extraction), and can even lead to an infection (that will require root canal therapy). Fillings are advantageous because they stop problems in their tracks, preventing serious issues and extensive treatment in the future.


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