Are you making a list and checking it several times to make sure you don’t miss a beat this holiday season? If you haven’t added dental insurance benefits to that list then you will be happy for this friendly reminder. For those of you who access dental care with insurance, it is important to recognize a couple things. First, 2015 is on its way out, which means you might need to take a quick glance at your remaining benefits. Second, how is your smile doing – does it need anything? Allow us to offer some pointed suggestions, so you can work your dental care into your already very busy schedule.

Look Over Benefit Details

Individuals with dental insurance will want to make sure those benefits are not going to waste for 2015. How is that possible? Well, your coverage is typically set for a single year, which means you might be counting on benefits that will no longer be present come January 1, 2016. To become fully enlightened regarding remaining options for dental care coverage, contact your insurance provider.

Assess Your Oral Health

Have you been a good patient this year when it comes to your oral health? If so, you are all caught up on your preventive care visits. Don’t worry – you still have a bit of time if you have any outstanding smile plans for 2015. Consider the following once you have your dental insurance benefit information in order:

  • Do you need a checkup and cleaning? Call us today!
  • Have you been putting off a consultation about cosmetic care but you promised yourself that 2015 was the year? Come see us.
  • Do you have a broken tooth, cavity, or other issue that requires immediate restorative treatment? Schedule an appointment today.


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