Even little tiny cosmetic problems can lead to a smile that completely dissatisfies you. The not-so-great news is that patients often avoid seeking out improvement for these minor complaints because they assume we will not take the issues seriously or that we will suggest complex treatment. Neither of these assumptions is true! First, we take your feelings about your smile seriously and understand that even a small crack may cause you some embarrassment. In addition, we offer dental bonding and contouring to assist you in repairing those small issues that lead to large amounts of frustration. Learn more.

With Dental Bonding

Are you upset about your smile’s appearance because of minor forms of damage or missing tissue? This may come in the form of a crack, chip, minor or isolated discoloration, small gaps between teeth, or a tooth that is not quite as long as surrounding teeth. If so, we suggest dental bonding, which can restore damaged areas, fill deficient areas, and cover problems.

With Dental Contouring

When you do not require dental bonding but you are suffering from small concerns, your problem is likely that you need us to take some tissue away (rather than add it). In this case, we usually suggest dental contouring. Unlike bonding, this is a subtractive cosmetic treatment. We will use a gentle instrument that carefully sculpts teeth by polishing your tooth tissue down ever so slightly. The result? Smoothed rough or pointed areas, improved tooth shape and tooth borders, softened textures, and shortened teeth (if they appear longer than surrounding teeth).


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