Have you heard so many different stories about dental fillings that you aren’t even sure what to believe anymore? If you are in need of restorative care for tooth decay but you are feeling uneasy about a filling, we encourage you to recognize a simple fact: Scheduling your filling right away is always the best choice. As for those myths that have been circulating in your mind, allow us to set your thoughts at ease by providing you with the facts.

Myth #1: Receiving A Filling Is Uncomfortable

Actually, receiving a dental filling is completely comfortable. Your procedure will begin with the use of local anesthetic, which will ensure your tooth and the nearby tissues are numb before we proceed with the removal of decayed tissue and the filling of your tooth.

Myth #2: Your Tooth Will Look Bad Afterwards

This is not the case. In the past, dentists relied on metal fillings, which could end up darkening the appearance of a tooth or creating a visible eyesore. At our practice, we offer composite fillings – also referred to as “white” or “tooth-colored” fillings. By matching the color of the material to your tooth, we can ensure your tooth looks whole and beautiful without any negative esthetic side effects.

Myth #3: You Probably Don’t Really Need A Filling

The only time we suggest a dental filling is when you need a filling. What most patients overlook in this situation is the fact that a very small cavity is going to continue to develop and progress until it is a medium-sized cavity and then a very large cavity. Waiting will only lead to complications. Treating it immediately is the best option for nipping the problem in the bud and preventing damage.


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