There’s nothing fun about a chipped tooth. It doesn’t look great on its own. It can end up making a smile that looks pretty otherwise suddenly look not so put-together. It can feel sharp, which may aggravate or even cut your tongue. The list goes on and on. While there are certainly some reasons to feel upset about your chip, there’s light at the end of the tunnel: We offer cosmetic dentistry to quickly fix the chip, so your smile appears lovely once again.

#1: Bonding

A chipped tooth is something that we can easily make better with bonding. Dental bonding, a cosmetic dentistry treatment, is our option for placing “tissue” where you require more. It’s not real dental tissue, of course. It’s composite, which is a material we can match to the specific color of your tooth. We’ll then use it to replace the tissue you lost, so your tooth looks like it did before.

#2: Contouring

Some chips are extremely small or happen on portion of your tooth that does not necessarily require the rebuilding at the site of the minor damage. Instead, we can use the cosmetic dentistry treatment called dental contouring to fix the problem right up. With an instrument that will smooth down tooth tissue (remember, it smoothes a very minuscule amount), we can remove the chip.

#3: Veneers

Maybe you chipped a lot of teeth, they happen to be quite stained, and you’ve never liked their shape. You can cover the visible part, camouflage chips, whiten, and improve everything else with porcelain veneers.

Fix Chips With Cosmetic Dentistry At Our Practice

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