When you’re using your TMJ treatment during the warmer months, there’s not much to worry about. Life is simple! You’re feeling good, days are long and warm, the thought of cold and flu season is a distant memory, and wearing your oral appliance is no biggie. Then, the temperature begins to fall and you find yourself in a very new situation. It’s cold outside, you’ve got the sniffles, and you still need to wear your appliance. Doesn’t sound too appealing. So, how to manage, you wonder? Your Moreno Valley dentist’s Q&A session will assist you!

Questions and Answers

Question: What should I do if I’m congested? The idea of wearing my mouth guard doesn’t sound so great.

Answer: Treat it right away, suggests your Moreno Valley dentist! Contact your general practitioner, take prescribed meds, and clear up that congestion. In the meantime, do your best to wear your TMJ treatment appliance as consistently as possible.

Question: My mouth is feeling dry lately, which makes TMJ treatment less comfortable than usual. What can I do?

Answer: Winter months are known for bringing dry skin, dry lips, and a dry mouth! We encourage you to drink more water and to begin using a humidifier in your bedroom. This will offer ample moisture to the air you’re breathing throughout the night, so you can keep dry oral tissues and discomfort at bay.

Question: I notice that my lips seem very dry in the morning. Should I just stop wearing my TMJ treatment?

Answer: No! It is not the fault of the appliance, explains your Moreno Valley dentist. It is simply the lack of moisture in the air. This is a wonderful time to start slathering on a nighttime lip treatment (and to use a daytime one throughout your waking life, too), so your lips remain comfortable.

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