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Addressing Concerns About Jaw Pain

When you start to struggle with jaw pain and stiffness on a regular basis, you can feel understandably worried about your oral health. What you may be dealing with is TMJ disorder, an issue with jaw health and alignment that causes problems with the muscles and nerves that operate your jaw. In addition to making… Read more »

Resolving Jaw Pain By Starting TMJ Therapy

If you are currently living with jaw pain, you should let go of the assumption that this is simply something you have to grow accustomed to. Through TMJ therapy, we can address the reasons for your persistent pain and stiffness, which can lead to welcome quality of life improvements. Discomfort is often linked to poor… Read more »

How Can A TMJ Appliance Improve Your Quality Of Life?

While you can quickly lose track of how many times you open and close your mouth in a given day, it can be difficult to ignore the pain these movements cause if you have issues with TMJ disorder. Problems with your jaw joints and muscles can stem from different causes. You may struggle to move… Read more »

Q&A: TMJ Treatment And Wintertime

When you’re using your TMJ treatment during the warmer months, there’s not much to worry about. Life is simple! You’re feeling good, days are long and warm, the thought of cold and flu season is a distant memory, and wearing your oral appliance is no biggie. Then, the temperature begins to fall and you find… Read more »

Mysterious Headaches? Think “TMJ Disorder”

Headaches aren’t always the first thing people think of when they think of dental discomfort, but many people with seemingly-unexplained headaches can blame an oral health issue. Aside from trouble with your jaw’s movement and varying types of pain, headaches are another common sign of a jaw dysfunction known as TMJ disorder. The condition affects… Read more »

A Link Between Earaches and TMJ Pain

You have two temporomandibular joints (TMJs) located on either side of your jawbone. TMJs help you to chew, eat, yawn, and speak properly. TMJs are sensitive joints which make it possible to open and close your mouth smoothly. Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is an unpleasant condition which involves both the joints and muscles in your… Read more »