When you hear that you require oral surgery, all you might be able to think about is the fact that you need something more intensive than your run of the mill restorative procedure like a filling. What you might easily end up completely ignoring is the fact that this type of care can provide you with extraordinary benefits. What will surgery mean for your smile you wonder? Take a walk on the optimistic side by considering a few things surgery might mean for you!

#1: It’s A Means To An End

Oral surgery is not just some procedure you receive for no reason or because it’s the best of your options. It’s because with your oral health, the goal is always to get your smile health back into good shape. When a problem exists, if we cannot fix the tissue that is there, we may suggest oral surgery to remove the concerning tissue, such as in the case of an infected tooth or wisdom teeth.

#2: It’s A Fresh Start

Oral surgery may be your fresh start. Consider the following: Maybe you are missing a tooth. Maybe your surgery journey begins with the removal of a damaged or problematic tooth. Now, it’s fresh start time! We can replace that missing tooth with a dental implant and crown.

#3: It’s A Part Of The Process

You might need oral surgery as part of a bigger care plan for your smile. This is very common when orthodontic patients need dental extractions for in-the-way teeth in the case of overcrowding. Remove the teeth, place braces, align the teeth, and a straight and balanced smile is revealed!

Find Out How Oral Surgery Benefits You

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