There you have it: You’re looking in the mirror and you aren’t seeing healthy gums lying flush against your dental tissue and giving off a very pretty, gentle pink color. Nope. You’re seeing gums that look inflamed and angry! But why, you wonder to yourself? Well, there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to swelling, some obvious and others not so obvious. Run through some reasons with your Corona dentist for an intro into what might be happening.


As you may have guessed, your swollen gums could be the result of gingivitis, explains your Corona dentist. This is the most common cause, as the piling up of plaque and tartar (that you should be removing with brushing, with flossing, and with cleanings with us) irritates gum tissue and leads to disease. Come in if swelling occurs, so we can rule this one out or treat it.

Food Or Product Allergy

Sometimes, swollen gums happen because your body is allergic to something (or highly sensitive). Maybe you notice after you eat certain fruits or nuts that your gums appear puffy. Perhaps certain toothpastes have the same effect. Pay attention to the details. If you can eliminate certain products, do so! If the problem is solved, you’ve got your answer, says your Corona dentist!

Burned Tissue

Remember that if you burn tissue, it becomes inflamed. The same is true for gum tissue. Ask yourself if your swollen gums maybe due to biting into a very hot burger, sipping hot soup or coffee, etc. This is often all it takes to end up with puffed up gums that should heal if you give them the opportunity to do so (treat them gently).

Protect That Gum Tissue With Our Care

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