Your teeth aren’t arranged in such a way that your smile looks flawless. Nope, they’re not even arranged in such a way that your smile looks sort-of straight. Instead, you have a smile that you wish appeared beautifully aligned but you know that you’re going to have to receive orthodontics to make that happen. So, you get excited about the Invisalign treatment that we offer! However, you then realize there’s a lot to think about, which can slow down the process of getting started. To help you reinvigorate that initial enthusiasm, we offer up a few things to think about, so you’re that much closer to a lovely grin.

#1: You’ll Need A Healthy Smile

Remember that choosing to wear Invisalign treatment trays every day means you’re going to be wearing thin plastic structures over your teeth! As a result, if you’re dealing with something like an active case of gum disease or decay, we will likely discuss addressing these problems first. Otherwise, you may be aggravating and making worse something that requires improvement before aligning your smile. In the end, you’ll have a healthy, aligned, beautiful grin!

#2: It’s Worth It

You might go back and forth. One moment, you may feel completely at ease and excited about Invisalign treatment because a straight smile sounds so lovely! Then, you are faced with the transition process of getting used to wearing trays, cleaning them, keeping up with the details, and all of that good stuff, and you feel a little overwhelmed. Remember: It’s all very easy and we will guide you through the process. When you’re ready for a straight smile, this treatment is very beneficial and you’ll find it’s streamlined and simple to get through.

#3: DIY Trays Are Not Safe

You might find that you keep hearing about mail-order treatments that seem very similar to Invisalign treatment. Remember: They’re not the same, they can cause serious complications for your smile instead of straightening, and you are far better off choosing the professional route. Shifting your teeth around is serious business, which is why it’s something that dental professionals provide! When we provide and oversee orthodontics, we offer you personalized, detailed, safe care.

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