When your kids’ gums don’t look like they usually do, you know something is up. However, it’s not always easy to know what’s going on. It’s also not so easy to just relax either because this is your child’s developing smile! The one you’re doing everything you possibly can within your power to protect. While we don’t encourage panicking, of course, we do appreciate your attention to detail and recommend you take the suggestions of your children’s dentist in Temecula, CA into consideration! It will protect those gums and make you feel much better, too.

Bring Your Child In For A Visit

As you likely know, gum health problems are serious for everyone, including yourself and your kids. So, when you think you’re seeing a change with your son or daughter’s gum health, you’re right to think it’s time to come in to see your children’s dentist! The sooner we get through a quick yet thorough examination, the sooner we can either let you know that all is well or begin any necessary treatment (while running through how to promote optimal gum health at home).

However, Check Your Details

What’s wrong with your child’s gums? Before you assume your child has gingivitis or that something is off track, first consider the change you’ve seen. Do your child’s gums look like they’re somewhat inflamed? If so, always come in. However, your children’s dentist wants you to consider the following, as well:

  • If your child’s gums and teeth look like a different color, consider what they ate earlier in the day. It could be the result of something like a purple popsicle!
  • If you think your child’s gums are bleeding during brushing because of the color of spit in the sink, again, think through what your child has just eaten and whether that may be the culprit.
  • Ask yourself if your child ate anything too hot if you’re noticing a bit of irritation in one spot (such as where your kiddo bit into very hot pizza).
  • As always, if you’re concerned, call us to schedule time to come in!

Protect Kids’ Gums With Thoughtful Care

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