Your Moreno Valley dentist knows that patients who know just a little bit about orthodontic care all have one thing in common: They have lots of questions. While we are actually very happy to offer you additional information and to answer your specific inquiries, worries, and more, we know that you may feel embarrassed to voice these thoughts. Don’t be! The more you know, the easier it is to build the confidence you need to select treatment. We’d like to begin by extending information about stuff patients ask us quite a lot of the time. Then, of course, you’re free to let us know about any other details you feel you’re needing.

Questions and Answers

Question: I have a friend who had to have teeth removed in order to get braces. Why would someone need dental extractions for orthodontic care?

Answer: Your Moreno Valley dentist explains that in some cases, a person’s need for orthodontics includes an overcrowded smile. This essentially translates to a smile that cannot house all of its teeth in an aligned fashion because there just isn’t enough room. Removing some teeth in a strategic fashion will provide room. Then, treatment takes place and you end up with a straight, healthy smile.

Question: Do you offer different solutions? I’m not sure what my smile needs. My kids also need braces but their concerns are different from mine.

Answer: Of course, you can access comprehensive orthodontic care from your Moreno Valley dentist. Our practice provides a variety of solutions for individuals with minor cosmetic issues to those who require true help with alignment. Treatments include traditional braces, clear aligners, and more.

Question: What happens once I’ve gone through my orthodontic care? Will my teeth stay in the new position forever or will they shift back out of place again?

Answer: They are prone to shifting, which is why you may need to wear a retainer long-term. It will ensure teeth remain as they are situated, so your alignment does not change. Some individuals wear removable retainers, while some benefit from a fixed option. Speak with us to learn more.

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