You might think that you are a champion of sensing time. So much so, that you claim you can feel seconds and minutes and know for certain when your two-minute brushing session is through. Well, that sounds wonderful! However, you might want to actually test that out fairly soon to be sure it’s accurate. For everyone else who, like most, isn’t really sure how long two minutes is just by guessing, your Temecula dentist reminds you to use some sort of timer in the bathroom when you’re making your way through your dental hygiene. Looking for some suggestions from our Temecula, CA practice? No problem at all! We’ve got them.

Use Your Phone

Our team reminds you that if you have a cell phone and you usually have it nearby, this can eliminate your need to add another gadget into your life (and into the bathroom). Go ahead and open up your timer program in your phone (it may be located where you have your alarm setting). Set the timer for two minutes and then go ahead and brush until the buzzer goes off, suggest your Temecula dentist! Then, don’t forget to feel good about the fact that you completed a job well done with your dental hygiene.

Use A Clock, Watch, Hourglass, Etc.

To make sure you’re doing a wonderful, thorough job and aren’t rushing (and heading toward a sudden need for restorative care from your Temecula dentist), you will definitely want to time yourself. If you’re not pumped about the idea of using your cell phone (the more time you can spend away from your screen, the better), then we encourage you to reach for something more old-fashioned! Try a clock, your watch, an hourglass, or anything else that keeps time for you.

Try A Song!

Adults love this option and the kiddos do, too, so it’s a suggestion that will work for any age (and that can infuse your time spent on dental hygiene with some unexpected smiles!). Turn on a song that’s just two minutes long (or figure out which word or particular note represents the two-minute spot) and use this as an enjoyable guide.

Let Us Help You Make The Most Of Your Smile Care

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