You are already very familiar with the things that can cause your smile to stain. When someone mentions the fact that coffee can lead to a yellowed grin, this isn’t news to you. However, when you are fairly certain you’re not indulging in any of the usual suspects but you still find yourself with smile stains, it can be quite confusing. Your Corona dentist would like to take some time to introduce you to potential factors that are frequently overlooked and that can steer your smile toward a less than vibrant finish. (Remember, our Corona, CA practice offers cosmetic treatments that will help!).

Your Salad Dressing

Yep. If you’re a daily salad eater, you might be heading right toward a discolored grin, thanks to that dark-hued salad dressing you’re eating. One major culprit is balsamic vinegar, which is highly pigmented and acidic, so it’s something that can stain your dental tissue. Of course, it’s wonderful that you’re choosing to fill up on your veggies every day! However, you might want to either switch to another dressing or be a bit more careful about rinsing with water afterwards. Need help? Talk with your Corona dentist about cosmetic care.

That One Staining Food You Overlook

Think through the food you eat every day. While you might shake things up on a daily basis, is there one thing that happens to be on the menu every single day (or at least almost every day), your Corona dentist asks? Remember that any food with staining power can be the culprit. This might include blackberries, pasta sauce, and more. Give the list a once-over and you’ll likely find the answer. Of course, we can address those stains with whitening!

The Pills You’re Taking

Some medications, from pills you take to treat allergies to acne to other ailments like hypertension, can include side effects you don’t expect (like smile staining). Your Corona dentist suggests you take a closer look at medication literature and this might be your answer. Not to worry, we can help!

Address All Sorts Of Staining With Our Cosmetic Treatments

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