You might not love the chip or chips in your smile. However, you may have a hard time convincing yourself that you really need to do anything about it. Furthermore, even if you’re sure you don’t need to fix anything, you may just want to, which leaves you more confused: Is it worth it? Would your Moreno Valley dentist suggest addressing your chipped teeth, you wonder? Fortunately, our Moreno Valley, CA team is ready to explain three very convincing reasons you may wish to fix that minor damage up quick!

#1: You Don’t Like The Way They Look

If you don’t like the way your tooth looks because of a chip, your Moreno Valley dentist reminds you that you can access cosmetic treatments for improvement. If you don’t like the way multiple teeth look or the way your entire smile looks due to chipping, again, you may again access cosmetic care. It’s worth treating chips, so you feel confident about this very prominent facial feature.

#2: They’re Hurting You

Chipped teeth can hurt you. They’re not going to cause any major injury, of course, but they can occasionally cause a quick stab or scrape to your soft tissue (or may do so on a daily basis, which can become very challenging). Fix the problem with one of our cosmetic care treatments, suggests your Moreno Valley dentist. When your teeth are smooth and free of chips and jagged edges, you’ll be able to smile, laugh, eat, speak, and you’ll never have to think about this concern again!

#3: They’re Probably Going To Worsen

When you come in to see our team for a dental checkup and we take a look at your chips, we may find that what you’re dealing with is very small and nothing to worry about. Or, we may determine that the chip you currently have is likely to break down further, which is bad news for the future health of your tooth. In some cases, it’s best to address the issue, so the structure of your tooth is whole and safe again, suggests your Moreno Valley dentist.

Avoid Problems With Chips By Letting Us Fix Them

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