There are some times when you can most certainly rely on your teeth. Perhaps you’re planning on speaking with friends and loved ones during a holiday party: Go ahead and rely on your smile to help you form words, just like you always do! Maybe you are ready to taste all of the delicious foods laid out before you for a very yummy holiday spread. Dig in! However, when you start thinking that you can use your smile to help you do some heavy lifting or cutting, your Riverside dentist is here to remind you: Leave your smile out of it!

#1: When You’re Wrapping Presents

Our team understands that as you get into the meditative rhythm that comes with wrapping lots and lots of presents, you aren’t thinking about your smile. You’re just thinking about getting the job done and about everything else that needs accomplishing! So, your Riverside dentist reminds you right now: Don’t include your smile in this process. Gather all of the materials you need and then get wrapping.

#2: When You’re Opening Packages

Perhaps as you prepare for the holidays, you are receiving lots of packages in the mail. Then, you need to unwrap those packages in order to retrieve the gifts you have ordered to then re-wrap them in gift wrap. Ask yourself before you ever even go near those packages: Do you have some type of cutting tool to help you open them? Whether you’re trying to open a box that has lots of tape, you need to pry open plastic, or anything else, this isn’t something that you should judge as being “okay” for your smile. You should always, always leave your teeth out of it, suggests your Riverside dentist!

#3: When You Have Too Many Gifts To Carry

What are you carrying? Are you heading into a relative’s house as you carry bags of gifts, bags of food, and more? While you may be cold or in a rush, one thing is for sure: Your Riverside dentist reminds you that you should never let your teeth help you do any lifting. Even if it’s just one very lightweight bag and you’ll have to make a second trip to the car, simply make the second trip. It’s a safer bet for your oral health (you don’t want damage, especially during the holiday).

Protect Your Smile With Our Helpful Holiday Hints

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