When it comes to teeth, most of know (at least sort of) what they are supposed to do. Your teeth should be able to bite and chew your food comfortably. They should not have painful aches or sensitive spots. At regular checkups and cleanings, we clean your teeth and look for signs of forming cavities or other trouble. Your teeth should come together easily and comfortably, without jaw pain or grinding. But when it comes to gums, and what they should do (or not do) bring your Corona, California gum questions to us. 

Should My Gums Cling to My Teeth? YES!

One of the main functions of gum tissue is to provide a tight barrier to keep the bacteria naturally ii your mouth from creeping down the tooth root, and entering your bloodstream. When gums are weakened by gingivitis, or its more severe form, periodontitis, then infectious elements can enter your main body systems and cause problems linked to diabetes, heart disease and more.

Should My Gums Bleed? NO!

If you very occasionally notice a bit of blood when you brush or floss, you may need to adjust your technique. Any type of regular bleeding when you clean your teeth is a sigh that your gums are in distress. It maybe that bacteria are irritating gum tissues, and you have gingivitis. This early stage of gum disease can sometimes be reversed with careful care at home, or you may need a deep dental cleaning (scaling and root planing) to remove the infection and polish your tooth roots to make it less likely to recur.

Should My Gums Be A Pinkish Color? YES!

Each person’s natural gum color is a different, but healthy gums are pinkish in tone. This indicates good circulation, overall good health, and little chance of infection. Gums that are very pale or whitish, either overall or in spots, may indicate anemia, and certain precancerous or autoimmune conditions, among other things. Gums that are dark may be a byproduct of smoking or tobacco use, or they may be signaling infection some other medical issue.

Are Gum Questions Causing You Concern?

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