There are some reasons to replace your toothbrush with which you are likely already extremely familiar. Then, there are some less-than-obvious things you might need to take into consideration. One thing you can always keep in mind, of course, is that you’re using your toothbrush to help keep your smile clean and healthy! Our Temecula, CA team reminds you that when you bring this to mind, you can often quickly make decisions about what to do from there. In addition, your Temecula dentist would like to help you get started down this road with helpful examples.

When Someone Else Used It

If you realize that someone else used your toothbrush, it’s time to toss that toothbrush into the trash bin and to begin fresh. Why? Well, everyone has unique bacteria and germs in their mouths. What you don’t want to do is to press someone else’s unique blend into your own oral tissues! So, your Temecula dentist suggests you keep this in mind as you store your toothbrush and prepare for dental hygiene.

When It Looks Frayed Or Damaged

You’re brushing to prevent problems, right? Of course! So. when you look down at your brush and it looks like it has been demolished in some way (perhaps the bristles have seen far better days and look frazzled or frayed), it’s time to start over in order to enjoy effective dental hygiene and smile care.

When You Realize It’s Not Working Very Well

There are a variety of reasons your toothbrush may not be providing you with the powerful cleansing you need during dental hygiene. You might realize that the size is either too small for you to thoroughly clean with ease or that it’s too big for you to reach certain areas. There may be some other aspect of the toothbrush that is making it difficult for you to comfortably and easily clean all of the little areas in your smile. When this is the case, your Temecula dentist explains that it is certainly time to replace your brush just as soon as you can.

Learn About Dental Hygiene Details From Your Dentist

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