When you think about doing something in regard to your smile’s lack of alignment, you know that there’s going to be some kind of orthodontic treatment involved. However, as for the start-to-finish journey that is required for your smile to go from point A (its current state) to point B (a beautifully aligned grin), you’re a bit unaware. The fortunate news is that when you visit your Moreno Valley dentist for care, you have the advantage of having access to everything you might need, depending on your smile’s requirements. Learn more as our Moreno Valley, CA team explains!

If You Require Oral Surgery

Remember that in some cases, your misalignment can come with issues like overcrowding. If you have too many teeth in your smile, for instance, the only way to make more room is to remove teeth. While this may come as a surprise, your Moreno Valley dentist reminds you that this is actually very common! Of course, it’s also easy for you to make part of your orthodontic care experience, too, because you can receive the oral surgery you need (extractions) from our team. Then, you can proceed with your smile alignment treatment.

The Process Of Aligning Your Smile

Whether or not you need any preparatory work for your smile in order to become ready for orthodontic care from your Moreno Valley dentist, remember that we offer a variety of treatments to address a wide array of misalignment concerns. When you visit our practice, we will look over your smile and discuss the best approach for your type of alignment concern (such as over bite, under bite, spacing, etc.). We provide Invisalign, gold braces, clear braces, and traditional braces.

Keeping Your Teeth In Place

Now, patients are often just as concerned with what happens at the end of their orthodontic care journey as they are about the process itself. Remember, suggests your Moreno Valley dentist, that we will guide you toward maintaining the beautiful and healthy alignment you have achieved with the use of retainers! With long-term focus, you can easily keep your straight smile!

Align Your Smile With Orthodontic Care

Get your smile into the beautiful and healthy alignment you want and deserve when you visit your Moreno Valley dentist for a comprehensive approach to orthodontics. See us soon to get started! Give us a call in Moreno Valley, CA to schedule a consultation with your dentist. We are proud to serve patients from Riverside, Temecula, Moreno Valley, Corona, and all surrounding California communities. To schedule an appointment, contact one of the following locations nearest to you:

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