Sometimes, when you’re standing in the bathroom, reaching for the dental floss, and you’re ready to finish your dental hygiene session, you may think to yourself: Wow, I wonder if I’m flossing correctly. If this thought crosses your mind, our Temecula, CA team reminds you that you are definitely not the first, nor will you be the last, to think this! Fortunately, your Temecula dentist is well aware of this common dilemma and is more than happy to offer a helpful flossing review!

Wash Your Hands

We know that you probably know this but it’s worth mentioning: Wash those hands. Think about how many places they have been! You’re about to put your fingers in your mouth, so make them nice and clean before you get started, suggests your Temecula dentist!

Floss Before Or After Brushing!

Your dental hygiene seems easy, of course, until you realize you don’t know if you should floss and then brush … or brush and then floss. The truth is, as long as you perform them within the same session then you’re in good shape! It’s all about preference.

Tear Off Your Floss Strand

Now, for the very beginning: You need some dental floss. You don’t need just a couple inches or more than you can manage. Instead, you need around 18 inches or so. This will get you steadily through your mouth, flossing between two teeth, shifting to a new piece of floss, flossing between the next set of teeth, and so on and so forth. It’s the best way to get a really thorough cleaning, explains your Temecula dentist!

Wind The Floss This Way…

As for getting the floss wound around your fingers in a way that makes life easy, we suggest you use your middle fingers as the anchors, so wind floss around them a few times. Then, hold the floss with your pointer fingers and your thumbs, too. As you floss, you won’t end up with any numb fingertips or dropped floss.

Floss Correctly

When you floss, you need to remember:

  • Begin beneath your gumline
  • Curve the floss to the side, around the edge of your tooth
  • Gently drag it upward
  • Repeat on each tooth edge


Rinse your mouth out, if you feel the need, and you’re done! For any remaining questions, give your Temecula dentist a call!

Gain Valuable Hygiene Knowledge During Visits

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