If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the technological advancements that are taking place every day and that tend to infiltrate just about every aspect of our lives, our Riverside, CA team reminds you that you don’t have to worry: While there’s lots of stuff out there that you may use for your oral health if you wish, you don’t have to. Allow your Riverside dentist to talk specifically about a handful of things that tend to worry patients, so you remember that the old school approach to dental care will always be one that is more than perfectly acceptable!

Yes, Of Course You Can Use A Manual Brush!

Yes, of course you may continue using your manual toothbrush, explains your Riverside dentist. Are you more than welcome to try an electric one? Of course! However, there is generally no need.

Yep, Use That Good Old Dental Floss!

You may have heard of newfangled types of dental floss or you might have been talking with a friend or family member about the benefits of a water flosser. Sure, a water flosser can certainly help you keep your gums healthy and helps to remove plaque. However, we always suggest you use dental floss (usually even when you’re adding a water flosser into the mix). So, don’t feel like this is an outdated form of smile protection. Instead, reminds your Riverside dentist, remember that floss is so very important for your preventive care!

Yup, A Sand Timer Works Wonders

Are you feeling like you should be using your phone or some other digital device to time out your dental hygiene? You know that if you’re not brushing for two minutes every single time you brush that you may be cutting your routine short, thereby promoting problems like cavities that will require fillings. While digital options are of course helpful for some individuals, there is absolutely no reason you cannot continue on with your trusty sand timer, hourglass, or whatever else you call it! As long as you’re brushing for two minutes, that is all that matters!

Learn About Smile Care Approaches From Us

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