How do you know if you’re practicing gentle care, you wonder? One of the reasons patients are often surprised to learn that they’re practicing just the opposite (aggressive care) is because the term “gentle” can remain open to interpretation. You may think that you’re being quite delicate but you could be using products or taking steps to be even kinder to your teeth and gums. So, rather than leave the particulars up to personal ideas about what careful care really means, your Moreno Valley dentist is here to explain!

It Means Gentle Products

Okay, so what are gentle products, you ask us? Well, pretty much anything that cannot rough up, irritate, scrub, or damage your oral tissues, either your teeth or your gums. Your Moreno Valley dentist understands that you may equate thorough care with some very hard-scrubbing care but, as mentioned, this isn’t the way to go. What you want is to treat your tissues as though they are quite fragile and instead, to focus on the lightest touch and the most thorough approach you can cultivate. As for products, keep the following in your thoughts as you practice dental hygiene:

  • When you shop for a toothbrush, the packaging will display whether the bristles are soft, medium, firm, etc. You should only be using bristles that are soft for gentle care.
  • When you are using toothpaste, there’s one thing to remember: Any added ingredients that can help you scrub your teeth are going to actually end up irritating gums and scraping up your enamel over time. Skip these! Instead, choose toothpaste with fluoride, that’s accepted by the ADA, but that doesn’t offer extra scouring.
  • Use floss you can easily navigate between teeth.

It Means A Light Touch

You know the difference between a light gentle touch and then one that includes lots of pressure. Stick with the light touch when you brush, explains your Moreno Valley dentist, if you want to avoid a whole host of potential problems like erosion, an increased chance of decay and gum recession, sensitivity, and more! Remember, gentler brushing and flossing come with:

  • Giving yourself enough time to make it through your care without feeling rushed.
  • Timing your brushing, setting a timer to two minutes, so you don’t accidentally speed up and practice aggressive care.

Practice Gentle Smile Protection With Our Advice

Take the advice of your Moreno Valley dentist to heart by asking more during dental checkups about how to properly cleanse your teeth and gums. That way, you know exactly how to care gently for your smile. Give us a call in Moreno Valley, CA to schedule a consultation with your dentist. We are proud to serve patients from Riverside, Temecula, Moreno Valley, Corona, and all surrounding California communities. To schedule an appointment, contact one of the following locations nearest to you:

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