For people who develop cavities, the best way to protect their smiles is to treat those cavities as soon as possible, and with the most biocompatible material available. In many cases, that means a tooth-colored filling, which not only fills the cavity but also offers a wealth of benefits when compared to more traditional, metal fillings. At our Temecula, CA, dental office, we typically recommend treating mild to moderate cavities with tooth-colored fillings to give patients the most effective and natural-looking solutions to restoring their smiles.

What they consist of

While traditional fillings are crafted from a mixture (or amalgam) of metals, modern fillings are often made from a more biocompatible mixture of acrylic and quartz-like particles. The composite resin contains no traces of metal, and is nearly colorless, allowing it to be tinted to match any tooth’s unique color and shade. This gives modern tooth fillings a more cosmetically appealing appearance, as well as a level of safety that makes them appropriate for more patients of all ages.

The different benefits

When your tooth filling doesn’t gleam metallically, you’ll be more likely to treat your cavity sooner. This means the lifelike appearance of modern tooth fillings helps patients improve their oral health more effectively by stopping tooth decay sooner. It also means that, after having your filling placed, your smile will retain its healthy, natural appearance, and you’ll be more confident in showing it. Aside from its appearance, however, a tooth-colored filling can also protect a tooth more effectively by bonding more securely to its structure. The seal that this creates helps ensure that oral bacteria can’t reenter the cavity and cause the tooth infection to grow worse.

The value in upgrading your filling

If you’ve already had a metal filling placed to treat an old cavity, then you can still benefit from upgrading it to a more modern, tooth-colored restoration. After carefully removing the metal amalgam from the cavity, we’ll ensure that the tooth decay has not become more severe and that the cavity remains free of infection. Then, we can place your custom tooth-colored filling into the cavity, creating an upgraded and lifelike restoration in place of the metal one.

Learn more about tooth-colored fillings

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