You might have the type of relationship with your oral health that a lot of patients have with it! You figure that you can sort of trick your smile if you’re careful enough. While you may see things in a logical light, you may sometimes attempt to defy or dismiss logic altogether because it’s what you want in the moment. While hoping for the best is certainly a fantastic, optimistic quality to have as a human, your Corona dentist reminds you: It’s best not to ignore logic when it comes to your teeth and gums, no matter how positive an outlook you have. With that said, consider examples that our Corona, CA team is happy to share!

#1: Using Your Teeth When A Knife Won’t Work

We recognize that sometimes, there’s something you really, really want to eat. Or there’s a package you just have to open up. However, we also remind you that when the tools you have at your disposal that are specifically for those tasks don’t work, you should absolutely never ignore logic and make the assumption that you should have your teeth give it a try! When that knife doesn’t cut through the hard food or those scissors can’t open that box, leave your smile out of it, suggests your Corona dentist, or injury is likely.

#2: Using Something Sharp Near Your Mouth

We are all guilty of doing something as we ignore logic with the disclaimer of, “I know I shouldn’t be doing this but I’m going to be extra careful!” This is admirable, of course, but as your Corona dentist reminds you: Not a good idea for your oral health. For example, don’t use anything sharp near your mouth if you can help it. More specifically? Avoid trying to remove food by using a sharp tool when your toothbrush and floss don’t get the job done. Instead, call us for an urgent visit, so we can carefully and effectively do it for you (and without causing damage).

#3: Telling Yourself We Won’t Notice If You Avoid Hygiene

We understand that though you realize you need to brush and floss every day, you may still manage to ignore logic, telling yourself that we probably won’t notice during your next dental checkup and cleaning. If you cross your fingers, you figure you might not get a cavity. However, you probably will develop decay and we can actually see the results of your dental hygiene (or lack of it). Always practice the prevention you need, suggests your Corona dentist. It’s worth it.

Let Us Redirect Your Care During A Visit

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