Are you someone who over-brushes your smile? Do you shrug at that question because you’re really not sure but it’s possible? Here’s what you should be doing every day in terms of your dental hygiene, according to your Moreno Valley dentist: Gently brushing twice, morning and evening, for two minutes each session (and flossing once each day). If you’re pressing hard, brushing more frequently, for longer durations, you’re using a hard-bristle brush (rather than the suggested soft), etc., then it may be too much! So, what’s “too much” and why worry, you ask? Our Moreno Valley, CA is ready to fill you in!

It Won’t Remove Stains

One reason you don’t want to brush too much, explains your Moreno Valley dentist, is the fact that you aren’t going to do anything beneficial for your smile in terms of its appearance. If you’re doing this because you think you’re going to remove stains and see a brighter, whiter smile in the mirror, you won’t! If what you really want is a whiter smile, come to see us for teeth whitening instead.

It Won’t Improve Oral Health Problems

Maybe you know that you have a cavity. Perhaps you have other concerns, such as gingivitis, that are affecting your oral health. As a result, instead of seeing your Moreno Valley dentist for treatment, you decide that you’re just going to brush better, more, harder, etc., because you figure you can brush the issues away. Unfortunately, you cannot. Need help? See us for restorative dental care!

It Will Damage Your Teeth And Gums

Regardless of your motivation for excessive brushing, remember that the reason to stop is the fact that it will harm your oral health. Your Moreno Valley dentist reminds you that you may end up with eroded enamel due to aggressive care. You may also deal with gum recession! Keep your smile safe with gentle brushing instead.

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