Do you have some questions about your toothbrush? Would you really love answers to those inquiries that leave you feeling exceptionally perplexed about this otherwise simple aspect of your daily smile care? Remember that our Corona, CA team is here for the little things, the big questions, and all of the care you need in between! When you’re faced with caring for your smile and feeling as though you’re missing a particular bit of information, don’t hesitate to let your Corona dentist know! For now: Learn more about your bristles and brush and bring any additional thoughts to us during your next visit!

Why Does My Toothbrush Look Destroyed?

You may suddenly wonder to yourself why your toothbrush that used to look so pristine now looks practically destroyed? Whether it just looks banged up, old, or the bristles are splayed out, we encourage you to remember the following:

  • First, your brush may look this way if you brush too hard, which can quickly damage the bristles. Make sure you are brushing with gentle motions.
  • Next, your brush might be quite old. If it’s more than four months old, it’s time to retire it and start over with a brand new one!

How Do I Know If My Brush Is Working?

Your Corona dentist reminds you that you’ll know for sure whether your toothbrush is providing you with effective care (or not) by coming in for checkups with us. If your smile is clean and free of problems like cavities, then you’ve been using a brush that’s effective. If not, we’ll help you figure out what needs to change.

Which Is The Right Toothbrush For My Smile?

Generally speaking, the toothbrush that’s right for you is one with soft bristles that allows you to comfortably and successfully complete your dental hygiene, explains your Corona dentist. Find one that fits your hand, fits your mouth, and guides your oral health toward success. Need more help? Just ask.

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