Your Riverside dentist knows that you probably have some ideas about the connection between sugar and your oral health. If you’re of the mind that this very sweet ingredient is bad for your smile, then our Riverside, CA team cannot exactly argue with you on this. However, we also want you to recognize that there’s more to understanding the way that sugar fits into your smile care narrative than you might have realized so far. Let’s cover some important details to consider, so you’re really able to eat without fear or misinformation (and know your teeth and gums are going to be okay).

Sugar Isn’t The Only “Bad Guy”

Sugar gets a bad rap because when you eat it and it sits on your smile, it leads to an acid attack in your mouth. Why is this the case? Well, because the bacteria that fill plaque (biofilm that coats your teeth every day) eat it. Like anything else, they digest what they eat, which in this case, leads to the release of acids onto your smile. Acids cause softening of enamel, decay, etc. So, really, it’s sugar, acids, and the shift to a more acid environment in your mouth that cause problems. Remember that this is what to consider as you practice preventive care (it’s not only sugar).

It’s Mostly About Stopping Contact With Your Smile

You get it now. It’s not just about how much sugar is in the food you eat, how often you eat candy, or otherwise. Instead, dealing with potential oral health consequences is all about doing what you can to minimize contact between sugar (or acid) and your smile. So, you are free to avoid it if you wish, explains your Riverside dentist! Or, just remain mindful that cleaning your smile after consuming it will allow you to avoid problems.

Rinsing With Water? It Really Helps.

We remind you to rely on water. It’s a quick, accomplish-it-anywhere way to remove sugars (or acids!) quickly from your smile.

Let Us Help Protect Your Teeth!

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